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Patient Management

Efficiently manage patient registrations, admissions, appointments, and bed allocations.


Staff Management

Streamline staff scheduling, performance tracking, and payroll management.


Inventory Management

Maintain accurate records of medical supplies, drugs, and equipment to ensure availability.


Billing and Accounting

Automate billing processes and manage financial transactions with ease


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Securely store and manage patient health information for easy access and compliance.


Appointment Management

Enable patients to book appointments online and optimize queue management to minimize wait times.


Laboratory Management

Facilitate efficient tracking and reporting of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.


Pharmacy Management

Ensure efficient prescription management and medication dispensing within the hospital pharmacy.


Reporting and Analytics

Generate insightful reports and analytics to drive data-informed decision-making.


Security and Compliance

Implement robust security measures and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations to protect patient data.


Mobile Application

Offer mobile apps for patients and healthcare providers to enhance accessibility and communication.

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Healthcare Solutions

Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions

Designed to meet the unique needs of doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

For Clinics

SmartHMIS in clinics streamlines patient management, clinical documentation, billing, and prescription management. It enhances decision-making with clinical support tools, manages inventory, and provides analytics for performance monitoring.

Interoperability ensures seamless data exchange with external systems, optimizing operations and improving patient care.

For Laboratory

Utilize SmartHMIS to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve service quality. This includes managing sample intake, tracking and reporting test results, ensuring quality control, managing inventory, interfacing with instruments, optimizing workflows, facilitating billing and revenue cycle management, analyzing data, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

SmartHMIS automates tasks, reduces errors, improves turnaround times, and enables data-driven decision-making, ultimately enhancing laboratory performance and service delivery.

For Hospitals

SmartHMIS in hospitals streamlines activity management by integrating patient records, scheduling, and billing processes. It enhances clinical decision-making, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides analytics for performance monitoring.

Interoperability enables seamless data exchange with external systems, optimizing operations and improving patient care.

Clinic Chains

SmartHMIS in clinic chains centralizes management of patient records, appointments, and operations across multiple locations. It standardizes workflows, enables real-time data sharing, and ensures consistency in care delivery.

Interoperability allows seamless communication between clinics, optimizing efficiency and enhancing patient experience.


SmartHMIS in hospitals manages patient records, streamlines billing processes, and integrates with insurance systems for claims processing. It facilitates clinical decision support, ensures compliance, and provides analytics for performance monitoring.

Interoperability enables seamless data exchange with insurance providers, optimizing reimbursement and improving operational efficiency.


Advantages of SMARTHMIS

There are multidimensional advantages of hospital management systems. Now in the following section, we will discuss some of them.

Automation, Security, and Storage

There are numerous reasons why a hospital requires an automation system. This type of system primarily focuses on managing the functional aspects of the entire hospital, allowing healthcare centers to prioritize enhanced patient care. Furthermore, it seeks to offer reliable automation of conventional systems. Additionally, the system can ensure excellent security at every level of user-system interaction, as well as providing robust and dependable storage and backup facilities.


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